Thanks Spencer for Your Survival Tips

A few weeks ago, my kids were exicted because we had found the blog of Sam's cousin and his family. They were eager to see how much their oldest had grown since we saw her last, about 3+ years ago. When we went to their blog, Sam's cousin Spencer had just planted several trees at their new home and had found many insects in the process. Well, he got the crazy idea to see if they were edible. He couldn't bring himself to eat anything, but in talking to his kids about surviving on insects, his 2 older kids said that they would try to eat a worm. So, they did, and actually said they liked it. Nate, upon seeing the videos of a 3 & 5 year old being courageous enough to try a worm, must have had it on his mind since. This morning he was out digging in the dirt and came inside and said, "Mom, is this a grub? Do you think I can eat it? I'm going to try." I was very hesitant because I know I myself would never eat an insect, yet alone a worm! Nate was so determined, and I think competitive (we are seeing a lot of this side in him lately) he decided to do it. And he did. Not once, but twice. His good friends came over later in the afternoon and he had to prove to them in person that he really did and could eat a worm. Now I can say, "Thanks Spencer for the survival tips. Now I know that if we run out of food, at least one of my family members will survive."
Just a little side note: Sam and I were watching a video tonight that said insects have more protien per unit than beef does. While beef is only about 17% protein, a grasshopper is 61%. (I do not know where a worm is on the charts though.) This finding still has not changed my mind yet.


S+S said...

oh my gosh! I can not wait to let Spencer read this post! Hilarious! Aren't kids weird?!!! Why would you want to eat that?

S+S said...

Awesome!!!! (This is Spencer). Oh, by the way, grubs are beatle larvae and completely safe to eat. Earthworms however are different and you should soak it in a bucket of water about 15 minutes and it will clean itself out and become completely sanitary. :)

Enjoy!...Bon Apetite :)